21 Nov 2023

Citrine Stone: The Sun Stone

Citrine Stone: The Sun Stone

The citrine stone is aptly named for the Latin word “citrina” because of its easily recognizable yellow hues that are reminiscent of citrusy, sun-soaked fruit like lemons or oranges. Holding a rich history that spans centuries, citrine stones are one of the most compelling and ancient stones. 

Origins and Formation of Citrine Stones

Citrine stones are a variety of microcrystalline quartz, similar to amethyst and rose quartz, which explains the stone’s high degree of transparency. Their warm yellow-golden hues occur due to the presence of iron impurities present within the stone during formation. Often found within geodes, citrine stones are formed deep within the earth’s crust under high pressure and temperature. 


Citrine stone formations can be found across the globe, with the world's most exquisite deposits found in Brazil, Madagascar, and Russia. Other citrine formations can be found in France, Spain, Scotland, and the United States. 

The Significance and Symbolism of Citrine Stones

Historically, November’s birthstone citrine has held many meanings across ancient civilizations. Best known for being the “sun stone”, the citrine stone’s associations with the sun date back to ancient Greece and Rome, where it was cherished for its radiance and was believed to possess the power to capture sunlight and provide protection against evil thoughts and the venom of snake bites. 


Deeply appreciated by the Romans and Greeks, it became common practice to carve iconic images into the citrine stone. It was also referred to as the stone of mercury, the messenger god by the Romans and was commonly fashioned into rings and worn by priests, who shared their message with their congregation. 


The citrine stone's golden-yellow hues have likened the stone to gold, which led to its popular symbolism as the merchant’s stone and the belief that it would aid in improving communication, success, and attracting wealth. 


In modern times, the stone is most notably recognized as the November birthstone, making it a deeply admired symbol for those born in the autumnal month. The citrine stone has long been a popular choice for use in jewelry. In fact, citrine jewelry saw a large spike in popularity throughout the 19th century amongst the social elite and royalty. Today, its popularity in jewelry is predominantly due to its incredible transparency and sunny glow that makes it a beacon of positivity. The citrine stone is both abundant and protective, meaning it can be worn to embody qualities of positivity, joy, and abundance while providing protection against negative energies. 

Citrine and Diamond Ring

Citrine & Diamond Ring

Like many stones, the citrine stone’s value is largely determined by its color, clarity, cut, and carats. As expected, the most saturated yellows, oranges, and reddish tones are the most sought-after. As a variety of quartz, clarity is exceptionally important in determining the stone’s value, therefore inclusions present within the stone will decrease its value. While there is no exponential increase in the citrine stone’s value with increasing size, custom cutting significantly increases its value. With a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, citrine stones are the perfect candidate for artistic carving. 


Our Citrine and Diamond Ring features a breathtaking 23.72 carat citrine stone that has been expertly carved by Atelier Munsteiner to showcase the stone's incredible depth, clarity, and warmth. Set in 18k yellow gold, this citrine ring exhibits an autumnal, golden hue making it the ideal cocktail ring for evening events this fall.

Ombre Citrine and Diamond Yellow Gold Earrings

Ombre Citrine and Diamond Yellow Gold Earrings

The radiant sun stone associations of the citrine stone would have us believe that citrine is only found in pale and bright yellow hues. In reality, citrine stones are found in a range of colors from pastel yellow to Madeira. Like most stones, the more concentrated the citrine’s color is, the more valuable. The highest quality citrine stones possess a deep red-orange color, which is usually referred to as golden citrine or Madeira (named after the renowned wine). 


Citrine stones are often confused with the topaz gemstone, which shares similarities in its warm golden hues. This confusion dates back to before the 20th century when all stones that possessed a brown, yellow, or orange color were referred to as topaz. Today, citrine stones continue to be misidentified, despite having their own unique structures that make them distinct stones that just happen to share a similar appearance to topaz. 


Our Ombre Citrine and Diamond Yellow Gold Earrings showcase 30.18 carats of citrine stone arranged in an ombre pattern displaying the beautiful yellow hues from pale yellow to Madeira. Set in 18k yellow gold, these artful statement earrings are an excellent model of the citrine stone’s versatile coloring.

Lemon Citrine and Gold Bracelet

Lemon Citrine & Gold Bracelet - 7"

Lemon citrine is also known by the name “lemon quartz.” Given that all citrine stones are a variety of quartz, the distinction remains so subtle that many use the two names interchangeably. Lemon citrine is characterized by its bright yellow color that remains consistent throughout the stone. Unlike regular citrine, lemon citrine does not contain any of the orange, brown, or reddish hues with which the stone is usually associated.


Lemon citrine is known to be a powerful stone for manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Embodying the power of the sun, it provides an energizing warmth that clears and awakens the mind, calling its wearer to action. 


Our Lemon Citrine and Gold Bracelet combines 109 carats of lemon citrine with rich 18k yellow gold beads that draw out the stone’s warmer hues. The incredible transparency of the beads in this citrine bracelet showcases the lemon citrine’s consistent pale lemon coloring. 

Brandy Citrine and 18K Gold Earrings

Brandy Citrine & 18k Gold Earrings

Brandy citrine has been revered for centuries for its rarity and gained particular popularity throughout the Art Deco era where its use in jewelry was popularized by cultural icons of the time, favored by the likes of Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Characterized by its rich warm color and clarity, brandy citrine is a rarer variety of citrine and is typically found in Brazil.


Brandy citrine stones share similar abundant powers and symbolism to typical citrine, though it is believed to be particularly useful for encouraging personal power and strength. For those seeking a stone to stimulate their self-confidence and courage, the brandy citrine stone is an excellent choice.


Our Brandy Citrine and 18K Gold Earrings elegantly stack 76 carats of brandy citrine disks to create a vertical silhouette that’s warm, inviting, and echoes the art deco jewelry that popularized this particular variety of citrine. Perfect for autumnal months and evening events, these citrine earrings are the perfect accessory for those born in the month of November.


Citrine, named for its sunlit hues, tells a narrative of warmth and positivity through both its aesthetic and historical significance. Known as the sun stone, the citrine stone is most well-known for its deep yellow and golden hues. 


As we delve into citrine's history, symbolism, and diverse manifestations, we find a gemstone that transcends superstitions, a timeless sun stone illuminating the human experience. Each piece tells a story—a story of abundance, courage, and the enduring radiance of citrine. In a world often fraught with complexities, citrine stands as a reminder to bask in the glow of positivity, embracing the energy that has captivated hearts throughout the ages.


At Tamsen Z, each of our pieces showcases the natural beauty of the citrine stone. Our original jewelry pieces dispel the misconception of citrine's exclusivity to golden hues by introducing its vibrant spectrum of colors through each of Ann Ziff’s creations. Whether in the ombre pattern of our Citrine and Diamond Yellow Gold Earrings, the consistent brilliance of our Lemon Citrine and Gold Bracelet, or the rarity of our Brandy Citrine and 18K Gold Earrings, citrine reveals a kaleidoscope of autumnal richness.

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